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Ashleigh Boyer

Office Manager

After her childhood cat had an unfortunate run-in with a raccoon, Ashleigh spent months tending to her beloved pet’s every need. Thanks to her compassionate care, the cat made a full recovery! The experience left a permanent impression—Ashleigh knew that she would love to help animals professionally. Now, she’s proud to serve the area’s pets and animal parents as Lakewood Animal Clinic’s Office Manager.

Ashleigh is a Jacksonville native and has been volunteering at local pet stores, equestrian centers, and kennels ever since she was old enough to hold a job. When a friend told her about an open position here at Lakewood Animal Clinic, she didn’t hesitate! Ashleigh joined the hospital family in June of 2016, and especially likes to keep things organized through proper inventory management and medication supply. She loves knowing that her behind-the-scenes work makes a lasting impact for the area’s pets.

In her time away from the clinic, Ashleigh likes spending quality time with her young sister and enjoying the company of her own pets. She has two dogs—Princess, a German shepherd mix, and a rescued mutt named Puppup—who love accompanying Ashleigh to nature trails, the park, and the beach whenever the opportunity allows.

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Veterinary Technician

Ever since she was a little girl, Tammy has acted as the caregiver for her family pets. More recently, when her son’s tortoise got into an ill-fated altercation with the family dog, she took on the responsibilities of nursing the turtle back to full health. That sparked something in Tammy that hasn’t quit since—she knew that a career in veterinary medicine would prove rewarding and exciting! She’s a Veterinary Technician with the Lakewood Animal Clinic team.

Tammy is originally from Michigan and started her veterinary journey with the Lakewood Animal Clinic family in April of 2013. She was actually a client before she became an employee—when Tammy first saw an advertisement for an opening here at the clinic, she jumped at the chance! Tammy loves to form bonds with her patients and their loving owners, and her absolute favorite part of the job is getting to see a sick pet feel better after the team’s hard work pays off.

At home, Tammy lives with her two wonderful sons, Jake and Brandon, as well as four dogs who go by Chica, Massimo, Matteo, and Torey.

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